Is It Really Promoting Body Confidence?

There is so much I could say about body issues and, considering I’m a 15 year-old girl, I know a lot about it. But there is one thing in particular that I’ve seen surfacing on sites such as Facebook and Tumblr that has me outraged.




Images like these seem to be all over the internet. People post them or like them because they think they’re doing society a favour by promoting positive feeling about ‘curvier’ or ‘fuller’ figures. But I don’t think people realise that these images, while trying to fix a problem in our society, are creating a new problem.

I’m all for people wanting and trying to make people feel better about themselves and the way they look, but I do not condone it when it is done in a way that makes a different group of people feel terrible about themselves. These images are saying that women who have naturally less fuller figure are ugly and unattractive, which is not true. I don’t think people realise that what these images are saying about a women’s appearance is so detrimental to the body confidence of many girls and women. 

Have you ever said to someone “you’re so skinny”? or have you had someone say it to you or just overheard someone say it to someone else? I have plenty of times. But I’ve never overheard someone say “you’re so curvy.” It’s like people think that if someone is “skinny”, they have full rights to comment on their body. People also think the word “skinny” is a compliment. And it might be for some people, but for other people, it can really hurt their self esteem.

Out of all these images, the first one (which says, “Real men like curves, only dogs go for bones.”) angers me the most. For starters it is comparing men to dogs and girls to bones, which is just wrong for obvious reasons. Also, in my opinion, a real man would like someone, not for their body, but for their personality. People are not their appearance.

Next time, think before you share that “body confidence promoting” image. Make sure it isn’t going to hurt someone. But always remember, no matter what body type you have, you are beautiful. But the most important thing isn’t your appearance, it’s who you are.

Brooklyn ~