From Brick to Slick – Mobile phones are taking over our lives!

So the other day I went around to the stores at our local mall and handed out my resume and, even though I expected it, I was surprised by the amount of stores that told me I needed to apply online. While this annoyed me (I printed out 20 resumes), it really got me thinking about how much we use technology, and how much I use and rely on my mobile phone.


In around 40 years, the mobile phone has gone from Brick to Slick. Phones were just for calling people but now we call, text, Facebook, Instagram, tweet, etc. Phones were just for communication, but now we can block out other people by putting our headphones in and playing loud music, and we can play games that get us so addicted we can’t help but play them all the time, even when we’re hanging out with friends.

I actually feel a little bit like my phone is taking over my life, it’s definitely a big part of it. My phone is nearly always with me and usually when I have it in my hand, I don’t really need it. Granted, I do feel safer with my phone when I’m out and about, especially without my parents.

One thing my Mum has been bringing up a lot recently is how I use my phone while watching TV (although Mum finds it hard to believe I’m actually watching the TV if my eyes are glued the the small screen of my smart phone). It’s weird because sometimes when I’m watching Telly and I’m very interested in what’s happening in the newest episode of the Big Bang Theory, I still cave to the urge to pick up my phone and aimlessly scroll through my Facebook news feed.

I’m really grateful for the phone I have and I think it’s awesome how far technology has come in such a short amount of time, but when will it end? A new iPhone comes out every year, but how much more do we need to be able to do on our mobile?

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Brooklyn ~

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